Close your eyes and listen to a Shirley Bassey song….

I desire for sculpture to perform in this way.


My writing and sculpture considers themes of excess, theatricality and the body. Recent works have explored the idea of the contemporary Rococo and means of replicating through objects the exquisite moments found everywhere from the Gorgon’s mouth in Pierre Puget’s marble to the lyrics of Shirley Bassey.

Found materials are quickly assembled and then carefully composed, staged and edited in order to create intense, intimate moments within larger structures that act as scores. There is a want to get to the center of something, about pairing things down to the key moment, the climax. I like to pinch, squeeze, hold, tug and pin-up materials to reflect the conflicted sentiments and cold embraces described in the love songs I listen to.

I like searching for these moments of painful seduction in my surroundings. I encounter them everyday:

It is the fertile seeds that sit, ooze and sweat in the pores of warm strawberries, found rolling around in the footwell of a London bus.

It is basking in the reflections of beautiful sunrays and broken dreams from the crushed mirror lying fragmented on the side of the road.

It is getting lost in the passionate scrolled lips of a Picasso kiss, where form starts to slip and slide into nothing, almost ingesting each other, beginning and end get confused and things become ungraspable.


There is a refusal to be seduced, an unwillingness to be seduced…

                                            but the desire seems too strong…

Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me.